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This is a temporary page, created July 2021 and updated September 2021 to illustrate and annotate the content that will appear on a new Gut Reaction website later in the month ...

Potential data users are likely to find us through the HDR UK Innovation Gateway, where good documentation is key.

Therefore all pages list proposed improvements, and where these relate to improvements under the HDR UK Data Utility Framework for September review, these pages are starred in the list of "Additional Resources" below.

To show progress, changes between July and September 2021 are marked as "new" and "revised" as appropriate.


There are 4 main sources of data in Gut Reaction:

Source institution Programme Data types Additional funders
NIHR BioResource IBD BioResource
  • health & lifestyle
  • clinical report
  • genetic data
NHS Trusts -
  • diagnostics
  • prescriptions
  • clinical notes
NHS England
IBD Registry COVID-19, PROMs
  • self-reported risks & outcomes
Crohn's & Colitis UK
Wellcome Sanger Institute UK IBD Genetics Consortium
  • whole genome/exome sequencing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NIHR BioResource has also requested and received data (“record linkage”) from:

  • NHS Digital - describe
  • Public Health England - describe
  • ICNARC - describe


Data is only collected on participants who have consented to one of programmes.  However, and deliberately, there is a very high-level of overlap between the groups:

Improvement post September review: insert Venn diagram of sources

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