Comprehensive README

We will be submitting a "data descriptor" paper to a peer-reviewed journal.  In the first instance, the Comprehensive README will be where that paper is drafted, with the technical content taken from pages and links elsewhere on this site.

A draft is now available.  It has been submitted to a pre-print server too.

The most likely target journal is Nature Scientific Data

Its article format is:

  • Title (110 characters maximum, including whitespaces)
  • Abstract (170 words maximum, no references)
  • Background & Summary (700 words maximum)
  • Methods (unlimited length)
  • Data Records (unlimited length)
  • Technical Validation (unlimited length)
  • Usage Notes (unlimited length)
  • Code Availability
  • References
  • Figures (generally no more than three per manuscript)
  • Tables (generally no more than ten per manuscript)

In terms of the HDR UK Data Utility Framework, submitting an article to a peer-reviewed journal, while publishing it at biorxiv, would show this improvement:

  • Provenance (To move from silver to gold):
    • Action: Publish a data descriptor paper.