NIHR BioResource Headquarters

The NIHR BioResource is committed to bringing together researchers and participants who, together, contribute to research that will benefit everyone. 

The BioResource Headquarters provides oversight and leadership and coordinates the work of our distributed Centres.

Our central management team supports all our partner research groups to deliver new understanding and improvements to healthcare.

To provide a robust and consistent experience for all researchers (industry, academic and clinical), we coordinate sample processing, ethical oversight, data processing and control and study coordination centrally. We also gain research and cost efficiency from this central service.

We are the central point of contact for those wishing to join us and researchers interested in how we can help their research programme.

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How we help

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participants have joined us to help uncover the causes of disease 

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research publications since 2009 supported by the BioResource and our participants

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samples that help researchers in their work to tackle disease

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Our BioResource Centres and Programmes


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