National Participant Advisory Group (NPAG)

A group of BioResource volunteers acting as a voice for over 200,000 of their peers, helping to shape our shared future. 

The NIHR BioResource National Participant Advisory Group (NPAG) consists of current members of the BioResource and non-members that have an interest in health research, coming together to provide input on operational and strategic matters.

The NPAG contributes to decisions that impact BioResource volunteers and the health research that we facilitate.

NPAG members help with a variety of tasks and projects related to the retention and recruitment of volunteers, as well as reviewing the applications to use the BioResource that we receive from health researchers.

No previous experience or qualifications are required.

Every individual has a valuable and unique viewpoint. We only ask for members to have a breadth of understanding and tolerance towards others' viewpoints.   

The NPAG meets virtually, up to a maximum of four times (based on project demand) and a minimum of twice per year. We are always looking for new group members, and it is important we have diverse representation from across the country and from various patient groups.

We may invite members of the public to contribute to the group in the future but currently, NPAG members must be registered as a volunteer with the BioResource.

If you are not yet a volunteer, please find out how to sign up. By doing so, you are helping to improve patient outcomes and further our understanding of the links between genes, the environment, health and disease.

Joining the BioResource

To find out more about the NPAG, including how to join, please contact us at