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Our participants help the research and medical community to develop an important BioResource for mental health.

The NIHR BioResource Centre Maudsley leads the NIHR BioResource for Mental Health. We focus on recruiting participants experiencing mental health conditions, as well as apparently healthy people.

Almost 25,000 participants with depression and anxiety have joined through our recruitment and web portals.

Our study on Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) has a goal of recruiting 40,000 participants, and will be the largest bioresource with extensive phenotypic information and genetic data.

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We use a similar approach to better understand eating disorders in our Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative UK (EDGI); this resource will comprise not only people with anorexia but also those experiencing conditions such as bulimia, binge eating and non-specified eating disorders; people with these disorders can be more difficult to recruit.

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During the pandemic, we launched COVID19-related projects; the COVID19 Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry Genetics (COPING) project will assess mental health during the pandemic and another will study impact on the brain.

The recently launched COVID-CNS project will study acute neurological effects of COVID-19, which will provide vital information about the interrelationship between infection and psychiatry.

Our COPING work

You find out what our colleagues at the Maudsley Centre have been up to in our recent article.

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