NAFLD BioResource

The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) BioResource supports research into the causes and severity of the condition by bringing together patient participants from across the country who have consented to take part in studies.

About NAFLD BioResource

NAFLD represents a spectrum of liver disease, ranging from simple steatosis (fatty liver) through to advanced cirrhosis (scarring of liver tissue). Participants with any stage of NAFLD are eligible to take part in the BioResource and must have a diagnosis that is documented by a combination of Biochemistry, Imaging and/or Biopsy.

Patients are asked to consent to take part in research, to donate a blood sample and complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire to help researchers understand the links between patients' genetics and their environment.

NAFLD - researcher focus
NAFLD - patient focus

Researchers can apply to access the NAFLD BioResource as they bid to understand if there are any indicators or patterns that can be linked to severity of NAFLD or response to treatment. We can then begin to identify better treatments and improve patient care to reduce the harmful effects of NAFLD.

NAFLD patients are recruited to the BioResource via their clinician, and the clinician must be based at one of the participating sites located across the country. Please ask your clinician if they are involved in the NAFLD BioResource, or contact our team today: or 0121 371 4028

List of participating sites 

Key Goals

  • Recruit 7,500 participants across the spectrum of MASLD
  • Open sites nationally to provide as many participants an opportunity to be involved in research regardless of where they live
  • Support interesting stage 2 studies that will improve our understanding of MASLD
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Contact information

National support

NAFLD BioResource is led by the Birmingham Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) in collaboration with the Newcastle and Nottingham BRCs.

The NIHR BioResource is a network of Centres located at BRCs across England that recruit participants locally and lead research programmes.

We have a list of participating sites located at hospitals and clinics. 

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