Leaving the BioResource

Leaving the BioResource is very straightforward. You can leave at any time and don’t have to give any reasons. 

How to leave the BioResource

You can leave the BioResource by completing our online withdrawal form.

Or, if you prefer you withdraw via email nbr@bioresource.nihr.ac.uk, with details of your full name and year of birth in the request. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 090 22 33 to let us know.

We will then begin the withdrawal process, and confirm with you that we have received your request. Once you have withdrawn, we will not contact you again.

Choosing what happens to your samples and data

If you choose to withdraw, we will ask if you would like us to destroy your samples.

You will also be asked if the BioResource should dispose of your data, to prevent its continued use; or continue to acquire it and use it, providing we do not bother you.


If you would like to have your samples destroyed, please note that we will destroy only those samples that we store centrally (at our national repository).

Samples that have already been prepared for testing or given to researchers will not be destroyed. 

Samples sent for testing will not be recalled for destruction, but no new data will be added to our research database. Please note that samples are not labelled with personal identifiable information.


If you choose to withdraw and are happy for us to continue to use your data, then we will delete your contact details, but keep research data that has already been collected and enough information to allow us to request data from e.g. the NHS. 

If you choose to withdraw and want us to stop using your data, we will still retain a skeleton record, along with your consent form.

We are required to keep this personal information for audit purposes. It will be visible to only the very few individuals who manage this function.  Research data will no longer be connected with you, and will not be used again.

Any data that has been archived cannot be destroyed, but will not be used to contact you or for research. These archives are only available to qualified system administrators who use them in case of computer failure.

Once you have withdrawn and we are aware of your samples and data wishes, we will not contact you again.

If you do not let us know your choice, we will retain your samples and data for future use, but we will not contact you again.

Our thanks to you

Whether or not you decide to leave, we thank you for supporting the BioResource community. We hope it has been a positive experience for you.

We very much appreciate the time and commitment you have generously given to our research studies.