Accessibility Statement

How we are making our website accessible and what we would like to achieve through testing and through engaging with our audiences

The accessibility of our website 

The NIHR BioResource is an organisation founded on participants – the more than 270,000 people who have volunteered to take part in order to help others. Inclusivity is very important to us, whether it be face to face, over the phone or via our website. 

Accessibility, therefore, is one of our priorities and we have worked to make sure our website meets Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018

We aim for conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.1. Our website currently is partially compliant with the WCAG version 2.1 AA standard and also meets some of the criteria for AAA. We are identifying areas where we could improve and we will continue to gather feedback from our audience. 

We work on research into disease, and appreciate that around one in five people in the UK report a disability . People with different needs have equal right to access online experiences and we aim to ensure that everyone’s experience is as good as it can be. 

Our website has been designed to think about accessibility, for those with disabilities and those with access needs.  We consider those who do and do not identify with a disability,  those who are yet to be diagnosed, and those who feel they have no specific requirements.  

We audit our website regularly and are always keen to learn and improve. If you find something for us to correct or if you can help us to improve this site, please contact us


Areas we'd like to improve 

There are some videos on the site. We haven't provided sign language or audio-only versions for the content.  Where we add new content of that type, we will look at providing captions, extended descriptions and media alternatives. 

Reducing the use of PDFs and improving their accessibility where we do use them.

There may be some further improvement we'd like to test around line height and text spacing to ensure content is accessible. 

There is not a site map currently but this is on our list of changes to make. 

We have performed reading level tests on all site content but some of the pages do contain business and technical language that could be complex to some users. This includes occasional use of abbreviations and technical terminology.  

Where we use forms we ensure that they are short and all input fields are clearly labelled. If we need to change them or use more complex forms, we will review the need for input assistance and greater error prevention measures.  

We are  working to improve our website. If you have had any problems please let us know.