About us

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Bringing people together and leading research

We are at the heart of efforts to improve healthcare and the long-term prevention and treatment of disease. The NIHR BioResource is committed to bringing together researchers and willing volunteers to contribute to leading research that will benefit everyone. 

Our Mission

We seek to facilitate human health research and its transformation into medical practice.

We achieve this by:

  • Recruiting and engaging with active participants, who volunteer to work with the BioResource and our partners
  • Collaborating with leading research groups in academia, NHS and industry to rapidly translate the findings in the lab into benefits for the clinic
  • Developing effective and efficient systems to provide rapid, consistent and valuable integrated access to samples, data and resources to tackle healthcare challenges
  • Building effective, added-value partnerships with health research groups, organisations, companies and charities that maximise the value of our research, systems and resources for healthcare improvement.
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How does the BioResource work?

This 3-minute animation explains how you can help to find new treatments by joining us.

Want to make a difference?

If you join us, you are helping to speed the progress of medical research. Every one of us makes a difference

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What we do

In our cohorts, we recruit for studies on common diseases, rare diseases COVID and healthy populations. Due to the specialist work needed to support COVID research we have a special section for that too. We can recall members who wish to take part in further studies. 

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BioResource publications

The BioResource is proud to collaborate with researchers and contribute to new research, every year. Our samples and data sets featured in 29 research studies in 2019

Our publications

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How we are governed

Our governance, leadership and transparency are vital to our work.

Governance and Management

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Our cohorts

Our participants help to drive genetic and health research. We recruit participants in three key cohorts: rare diseases, common diseases and healthy populations.

Our cohorts

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BioResource Partners

We're proud to partner with leading organisations in medical research.

Our partners

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Get in touch

We welcome enquiries:

You can call us on  0800 090 22 33  or email us at nbr@bioresource.nihr.ac.uk

There's more information on our contact page

Our 13 centres across England welcome enquiries

Interested in working with us?  See our careers page