Management Structure

The BioResource is overseen, reviewed, directed and advised through a clear management structure. 

You can also download the PDF version of the structure.


Our Oversight Board provides oversight of the strategic direction and governance of the BioResource, and meets twice a year. The Oversight Board is responsible for assuring the overall activity and resource allocation. The Oversight Board receives reports from the Steering Committee.


The Steering Committee directs the activity of the BioResource, steering the strategic direction and operational delivery against set milestones. It reviews and prioritise the common and rare diseases for recruitment, the technology platforms and clinical phenotyping to be adopted, and the scientific merit of national recall studies. 


The BioResource has Expert Working Groups within it to assist specialised areas, such as IT and Data; these groups provide expertise, and regularly update the Steering Committee on their activities.


Governance and ethics


Our research into disease proceeds only because you support our work and trust our governance and ethics oversight.