How the datasets interlink

We have had fun showing how datasets interlink - with the more serious aspect that these Venn diagrams show that not all participants have all data; and that some are no longer contactable for follow-up.  Perhaps the 2nd hits the sweet spot between meaningful diagrams and pattern-making for its own sake?

 The 2nd image is revised, while the others are new, reflecting newly curated data.

NHS Trust data is harder to represent, as it itself covers so many domains - this is our attempt to visualise this, showing the variety of data available from across Trusts.

We should also publish the counts in a table, for those who prefer tables to graphics!

Cohort discovery tool

Screenshots and commentary required

In terms of the HDR UK Data Utility Framework, showing how datasets interlink and how they may be queried together, brings this improvement:

  • Pathway Coverage (bronze to silver/gold)
    • Action: Publish a linkage matrix will bring them to gold.