BioResource Portal

The BioResource Portal is designed to increase visibility of the research that each volunteer has contributed to through the NIHR BioResource.

A convenient, secure personalised dashboard showing contributions to research

There are almost 250,000 volunteers who make up our volunteer community. We think it is important they have the opportunity to see which studies they have taken part in to understand the valuable role of participation in health research.

Before the BioResource Portal, volunteers would not be aware when their sample or any of their data had been used in a research study because consent is given to share information with approved research studies.

The BioResource Portal is designed to change that.

Our short video explains more about why we built the BioResource Portal and what we hope it will achieve - with and for our volunteers.

Find out how we handle sensitive data and what volunteers can hope to find on their personalised dashboard.

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Data and samples

Researchers apply to the BioResource to use the data and/or samples our volunteers have provided. This is often based on specific genetic criteria they're interested in.

As we roll-out the BioResource Portal and invite volunteers to register, their personalised dashboard will list the studies that have used their data and/or samples.

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Responsible data handling

The BioResource Portal operates under the same strict guidelines and framework for data security as the NIHR BioResource. Data is depersonalised and only certified BioResource staff have access.

Researchers are never given access to the secure data centre where we keep volunteer personal details and we never sell volunteer data to third parties.

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Tell us what you think

The BioResource Portal is designed to enhance the experience of being one of our valued volunteers.

If you've accessed your account on the BioResource Portal, we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to help us improve the the experience and new features.

Please contact us on:

Volunteer for research

The BioResource Portal displays volunteer contributions to health research. If you aren't already a volunteer with us, find out how to join today!

The BioResource Portal is only for current NIHR BioResource volunteers and invitations are being sent in waves, beginning in April 2023. If you are a volunteer but have not yet received an invitation, please email us on to register your interest. 

If you are not yet one of our volunteers but would like to find out more about contributing to health research through the NIHR BioResource, we'd love to hear from you! Once you've joined as a volunteer, you are eligible for an account on the BioResource Portal. You won't immediately have any contributions to view but we will publish blogs and other content to enjoy in the meantime whilst waiting for researchers to first use your sample or data in research.

Volunteer FAQs

Sano Genetics will administer the BioResource Portal, and the data within it, under the management and oversight of the BioResource.

Sano Genetics is a Cambridge-based technology company that run their own platform to engage participants in precision medicine research. The BioResource Portal is wholly owned by NIHR BioResource.

The BioResource Portal is currently only for members of the public who have already joined the BioResource.

Use of our Portal is optional for our volunteers.

If you don't register, your participation in the BioResource will be unaffected.

We will still send volunteers invites to studies when eligible, and they can keep up to date with our work on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn