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Moorfields Eye Hospital is a specialised clinical and research centre linked with the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology.

Person's eye and DNA helix to suggest inspection of DNA and genes

Our BioResource Centre focuses on patients and families with rare inherited eye conditions as well as the common blinding conditions of age-related macular disease, primary open angle glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

We are committed to multi-disciplinary research, which helps our understanding of the structure of the eye, its function and the visual system. Our research into the causes of blindness has led to advances. These include the advent of gene-replacement, targeted therapeutics, prosthetic devices and cellular therapies.

Already, for instance, gene-replacement is now possible for one inherited retinal disorder. There are any trials using a similar approach for a wider set of disorders at Moorfields. We are proud to work in collaboration with a network of other centres.

Our many thousands of patients have been crucial in allowing us to collect clinical data from them (non-invasively) to build large data sets. This data is ideal for studies looking at the interaction of our genomes with our visual health. It is also perfect for

  • the future use of machine-learning strategies;
  • to improve diagnosis,
  • decision-making
  • blindness prevention
  • stratified treatments
  • and personalised medicine.
Representation of eye, iris and digital waves

London, Moorfields

Moorfields Eye Hospital, City Road, London EC1V 2PD

0207 566 2265

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