Cambridge BioResource seeking to open new patient cohorts

The NIHR BioResource in Cambridge is interested in working with clinicians to create new patient cohorts that can be used to support translational health research and early phase clinical trials, building on the existing panel of 250,000+ volunteers. 

The NIHR BioResource facilitates translational research and early phase clinical trials by providing academic and industry researchers with access to a panel of more than 250,000 volunteers, with and without health conditions. Volunteers provide biological samples for genetic analysis, and a wealth of clinical, health and lifestyle data, along with consent to be contacted for recall to further research. 

Since formation over 15 years ago, the NIHR BioResource has supported hundreds of publications using our data, samples and/or participant recall. 

As the NIHR BioResource continues to expand, the Cambridge BioResource Centre is interested in working with clinicians to create new patient cohorts, building on the existing common and rare disease recruitment taking place at Trusts across England, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), Mental Health and patients from more than 60 rare diseases. 

Patients and healthcare workers illustration

The BioResource has Research Tissue Bank ethics in place to allow for recruitment of patients and controls including collection and storage of biological samples for genetic analysis. Our participants also consent for access to their medical records as required for research and complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire to allow researchers to build a detailed picture of the genetic and environmental factors behind health and disease. 

Clinical nursing staff with the BioResource located on the Addenbrooke’s site can conduct patient appointments to collect samples and visit patients at home or in clinic.  

If you are interested in working with the BioResource to create a cohort of patients in your research area, with potential to build out nationally to provide an efficient, single point of access to a vast dataset from patients across the country, please consider getting in touch with the BioResource today. 

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