Clinician Collaboration

We collaborate closely with clinicians to support their work investigating in depth understanding of their patients' conditions. 

The BioResource already includes a number of patient groups, such as patients with diabetes, heart conditions and cancer. We would like to collaborate with clinicians who want to enrol patient groups.

If you run a clinic and are interested in applying to the NIHR BioResource, please get in touch. Our BioResource team will help you make enrolling your patients as simple as possible.

Apply for study support

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We have worked within clinics, working around patients' existing appointments. We have also recruited volunteers at home or in their workplaces.

A typical enrolment appointment takes around 15 minutes and every effort is made to fit around you and your patients' schedules.

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Find out more about the Common disease themes the BioResource supports

Common disease

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Find out which Rare disease projects the BioResource is actively researching

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