Applying for BioResource support

How to apply to run a research study with the NIHR BioResource. We can help researchers with recruitment from our membership, specifically recruitment by genotype and/or phenotype either by participant recall or the provision of data and/or samples. 

Before you apply

If you are interested in NIHR BioResource support for your study, you must contact us to discuss your application before submitting your proposal.

You can reach us by email at or call us on 0800 090 22 33.

We can help by, for example, with checking feasibility, or advising on any changes to your study ethics, before you submit an application. When you submit an application, it will be considered by our NIHR BioResource Steering Committee/Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). They must give their approval before the study can commence.

The BioResource seeks to keep costs for academic projects to a minimum.  There are costs for industry which are guidelines and negotiated per study protocol.

Please note that, once a study is approved by the NIHR BioResource, then all local BioResource centres can potentially recruit locally to the study, as required.

Please apply using our application form.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Completed forms should be emailed to

Application deadlines and process timing

Applications must be received for review by: 

  • Tuesday February 28th 2023 - for meeting on Wednesday March 22nd 2023

Each NIHR BioResource Steering Committee meeting will consider a maximum of eight new applications. If the next NIHR BioResource Steering Committee meeting is full, or if we receive your application after the deadline, we will consider it at the next available meeting.

All applications will undergo feasibility checks before being passed to the Steering Committee for review. You will receive feedback within one month from the application deadline above.

Once your study is approved

If your application to the NIHR BioResource Steering Committee is successful, our team will ask you to complete a Study Summary Template. We cannot recruit participants until we have received this completed form.

Please note that, before recruitment starts, we might ask you to amend your study paperwork, including Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form, to ensure that it complies with our Protocol and Standards.

Any recall studies that make use of the BioResource facilities in S2 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital must have NHS REC approval. In addition to this Cambridge University Hospital must be an approved site.

If you have any questions about the application process or need advice or help with amending study paperwork, please email 

Data and sample fidelity 

For most studies that recall NIHR BioResource participants, samples or data are selected using data already held.

We make every effort to ensure that our data and sample holding accurately represent the participants who have joined.  However, there is still a very small chance that errors may have been made during sample-handling and/or data-extraction processes.

We advise you to check by a method of your choice any aspect of the data provided by the NIHR BioResource if it is critical to your research. 

If, in the course of subsequent data analyses we discover any errors, we will notify relevant researchers.

Interested in BioResource data ?

Data-only requests are processed by our Data Access Committee (academic requests) and Steering Committee (industry requests) and - depending on the complexity of the request - you could receive access to data within a few weeks

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