COvid-19 PsychIatry and Neurological Genetics (COPING) study

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Lead researcher
Professor Gerome Breen

Study type
Participant re-contact

Institution or company
King's College London, Mental Health BioResource

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Speciality area
Mental Health, Genomics and Rare Diseases, Neurological Disorders, COVID

Recruitment Site


We propose undertaking crucial mental health research in relation to the current COVID19 outbreak in the NIHR BioResource.

Efforts to mitigate the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) pandemic include implementing drastic changes in behaviours and daily routines as individuals are encouraged to self-isolate, work from home and implement vigilant self-hygiene. At the same time, rapidly changing advice and constant media updates create a high degree of unpredictability and uncertainty, whilst the real risk of disease may trigger both rational fear and paranoid concerns.

Due to the unprecedented nature of this situation, the impact on mental health is unknown but may be severe. We propose to administer the questionnaires to a cohort of participants who have been recruited to NIHR to monitor their mental and neurological health. 

Participation: For this study, 17326 COVID-19 BioResource volunteers took part.

Organisation: This study is organised by Professor Gerome Breen based at King's College London.


Published - Young, K. S., Purves, K. L., Hübel, C., Davies, M. R., Thompson, K. N., Bristow, S., … Breen, G. (2022). Depression, anxiety and PTSD symptoms before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Psychological Medicine, 1–31.