GENBIO-SWAP70 – Identifying the cell type-specific roles of the coronary artery disease risk gene SWAP70

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Dr Dirk Paul

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University of Cambridge

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Cardiovascular Disease


“Molecular investigation of genetic factors in cardiovascular and immune-related traits and diseases (GENBIO study)” led by Dr Dirk Paul at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care and the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Our collaborative study aims to help understand how our genes affect our risk of heart disease. Studies involving large groups of people with and without heart disease have identified changes in the DNA code that are more frequent in people with the disease. We found many of these DNA changes are in genes involved in inflammation, an important process in the development of heart disease.

We will combine innovative computational and experimental methods to investigate these genes in great detail to understand how exactly they affect immune cell function and disease risk.

We hope this knowledge will inform the development of new therapeutic strategies to benefit patients with heart disease. 

Participation: For this study we recruited 51 volunteers from the BioResource to attend a single appointment where they gave 50ml of blood. 

Organisation: This study is organised by Dr Dirk Paul at the School of Clinical  Medicine at the University of Cambridge.