Genes and Cognition

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Lead researcher
Prof. Patrick Chinnery

Study type
Participant re-contact

Institution or company
University of Cambridge

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Speciality area
Neurological Disorders, Ageing

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The aim of this study is to learn more about brain and cognitive function in the general population. The main person overseeing the study is Professor Patrick Chinnery, a Clinical Neurologist involved in research at the University of Cambridge. It is being carried out by the NIHR BioResource team. All volunteers with the NIHR BioResource will  be invited, that have submitted a sample for analysis and have agreed to be contacted about medical research.   

Participation in this study will involve some online testing called cognitive assessment, which includes tests of memory, understanding, reaction times and problem solving.  All these tests will be carried out online, in your own home, via an App that is downloaded onto a compatible device.  It will take about half an hour to complete the online cognitive assessments, and we would ask you to do this twice over 3 years.


Participation: For this study we recruited 21133, volunteers downloaded an app on which they completed tests and cognitive assessments.

Organisation: This study is organised by Professor Patrick Chinnery from the University of Cambridge.