Identifying the environmental, genetic and gut microbiota factors that predispose patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease to flare ups, and which and influence disease outcomes (The PREdiCCt (The PRognostic effect of Environmental factors in Crohn’s and Colitis) Study)

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Dr Charlie Lees

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Participant re-contact

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University of Edinburgh

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PREdiCCt is looking to increase understanding of how environmental factors, diet, and the gut micro-organisms influence Inflammatory Bowel Disease flare and recovery.​ The study is a multi-centre, prospective, cohort study that aims to recruit 3100 patients (1550 Ulcerative Colitis / 1550 Crohn’s Disease) with IBD who are in clinical remission. Baseline variables collected at study entry will be compared with those collected at disease flare (outcome).

Organisation: The study was organised by Professor Charlie Lees a consultant gastroenterologist and honorary senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.

Participation: Over 1000 IBD BioResource participants were signposted to the trial and 10 of these went on to take part.

Further details about this study can be found on the study website here: