Clinical Burden of Refractory Proctitis

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Dr Gordon W Moran

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

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The aim of our study is to address this gap in evidence and to assess the clinical and research needs of patients living with ulcerative proctitis by assessing the therapeutic outcomes of patients with ulcerative proctitis recruited within the NIHR IBD Bioresource. Moreover, we aim to use the patient and clinical experience captured through a Delphi process to identify the clinical and research needs of this patient cohort.  

We will undertake a mixed methods investigation of the clinical burden of refractory ulcerative proctitis. We will undertake a retrospective analysis of the clinical outcomes of patients diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis, using the data captured by the IBD BioResource. We will utilise healthcare engagement data, including drug therapy outcomes and surgeries are recorded. We will undertake a focus group, and subsequent Delphi study to ascertain clinical and research needs in the field of ulcerative proctitis. We will engage specialist Doctors and Nurse as well as patients living with ulcerative proctitis (identified through NIHR IBD Bioresource) in both the focus group and Delphi study.