The Multi-modality Imaging & Immunophenotyping of COVID-19 Related Myocardial Injury (MIIC-MI) study

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Lead researcher
Dr Jason Tarkin

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Participant re-contact

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Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Speciality area
Cardiovascular Disease, Infection, COVID


In some patients, COVID-19 can affect the heart. Exactly how the virus does this is not known. The MIIC-MI study aims to investigate mechanisms of myocardial injury related to COVID-19 by comparing multi-modality cardiac imaging with blood immunophenotyping in participants with either active COVID-19 and cardiac troponin elevation, or prior COVID-19 and new-onset heart failure. 

We are conducting a study to examine the potential causes. In this study, we are inviting participants with a history of COVID-19 infection who have an abnormal blood test that may indicate a degree of heart damage, or new onset heart failure, to undergo detailed imaging and blood tests.

These tests will confirm the nature of any heart damage if present, and lead to a better understanding of the underlying causes. Ultimately, the findings of this study could be used to help guide treatment in other patients with COVID-19 in the future

Participation: For this study, 2 participants from the COVID-19 BioResource took part by donating a small blood sample and taking part in Cardiac imaging (MRI and/or CT coronary angiogram and/or positron emission tomography).

Organisation: This study is organised by Dr Jason Tarkin  from Cambridge Cardiovascular , the University of Cambridge