Our Future Health (Previously Accelerating Detection of Disease)

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Lead researcher
Dr Andrew Roddam

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Participant re-contact

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Our Future Health (charity)

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Speciality area
Public Health and Prevention, Cross-cutting


Today, too many people in the UK and around the world spend many years of their later lives in poor health. The aim of this project is to help future generations live in good health for longer. 

By bringing together data about millions of people in the UK, this research programme will help researchers better understand human health and enable them to develop new ways to anticipate, prevent, detect and treat diseases earlier than is currently possible.  

The project is looking to recruit 5 million people aged over 30 from across the UK to take part by providing a blood or saliva sample, access to information from healthcare records, and data obtained from self-completed questionnaires. By sharing this information, it will help researchers better understand diseases such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. In addition, they will have the option of receiving personal information about their own health.


Organisation: This study is run by Our Future Health, which is a charity created to run the programme. It is supported by the UK Government in partnership with the NHS, medical research charities and industry.

Participation: 222 volunteers from the BioResource signed up to the Our Future Health study.