Investigating short-term memory using the Oxford Memory Task (OMT) app

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Lead researcher
Professor Masoud Husain

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University of Oxford

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Speciality area
Neurological Disorders, Ageing

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The purpose of the research is to explore basic features of individual’s attention and short-term memory through an online task and a series of questionnaires. More specifically, this project will allow us to examine, firstly, how short-term memory performance is affected by normal aging as measured by the Oxford Memory Test (OMT) app and secondly test whether short-term memory is modulated by genetic status, gender and their interactions. 

Participation: Over 1000 volunteers from the National BioResource panel took part in this study in 2017.

Organisation: This study was organised by the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. For further details about their work, please visit the Experimental Psychology website here