Defining the mechanisms and control of human regulatory T cell function in autoimmunity

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Lead researcher
Prof. Graham Lord

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Participant re-contact

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King’s College London

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Infection, Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders, Gastroenterology


We still lack a detailed understanding of how the immune system is regulated in the healthy human, and how dysregulation contributes to disease. Specifically, we need to understand how regulatory T cells (Tregs) control other immune pathways, how and where Tregs act and interact with other immune and inflammatory components, and how this understanding might be harnessed to treat autoimmune disease. This research will help move us forward in this field.

We have a strong commitment to translational research with ongoing clinical research into the immunology of transplantation, inflammatory bowel disease and sepsis. This includes projects investigating both novel biomarkers in these diseases and cutting-edge therapies, including cellular therapy.