Defining the mechanisms and control of human regulatory T cell function in autoimmunity

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Prof. Graham Lord

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Participant re-contact

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King’s College London

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Infection, Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders, Gastroenterology


We have been studying the impact of a genetic change on the way immune cells called effector (Teff) and regulatory (Treg) T cells 'talk' to each other. We isolated Teff and Treg from blood samples provided by volunteers, and found that in individuals with the genetic change, the Teff were more sensitive to immune signalling. We believe that this disturbs the balance between Treg/Teffs, and that the more 'aggressive' Teff in these subjects may be a target for a personalised treatment in Crohn's disease. We are very grateful to the individuals who provided blood and clinical information to enable us to undertake this work.