Examining the neuromuscular complications of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccinations

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Dr Katherine Dodd

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Data only

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Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

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Speciality area
COVID, Neurological Disorders


Neuromuscular COVID-CNS Sub-study: Examining the neuromuscular complications of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccinations.

The COVID-19 Clinical Neuroscience Study (COVID-CNS) was set-up during the pandemic. Patients who were admitted to hospital with serious complications from COVID-19 were invited to join the study and donated a blood sample, and some of their health data was recorded. The aim of COVID-CNS was to better understand why some people experienced serious complications, such as neurological and/or psychiatric symptoms, either from COVID-19 itself or from the vaccine(s) against COVID-19.

This project aims to review data from patients on the COVID-CNS study who experienced neuromuscular complications. This study focuses on specific complications, e.g. ones affecting the nerves and muscles in the hands and feet, or the junction between neuron and muscle cells, called the neuromuscular junction. It is not clear why and how these complications developed and/or whether they are different in
people with the same symptoms who did not have COVID-19.

We therefore plan to review the data of the patients. We will analyse the symptoms and how severe their illness was when they were admitted to hospital. We will also review whether these patients recovered and the speed of recovery, and whether there are any relevant blood markers that were linked with their symptoms and outcomes.

Potential patient benefit:

This work should allow a better understanding of this sub-set of complications of COVID-19 and the
vaccines, providing information for clinicians when prognosticating or deciding on best treatment
strategies for this group of patients.