An observational clinical study to understand brain complications of Covid-19 - The Covid-19 Clinical Neuroscience Study (COVID-CNS)

Study code

Lead researcher
Dr Adam Seed

Study type
Data only

Institution or company
The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool

Researcher type

Speciality area
COVID, Neurological Disorders

Recruitment Site
N/A (data only)


Project summary:

Covid-19 can affect the brain, nerves and mind. It can lead to brain infection, stroke and depression among other problems. We don’t know how this happens in many cases. These effects can be long-lasting and can change over time. This study will look at people admitted to hospital with Covid-19 causing brain, nerve or mental illness. We will review their case note data to see if their personal background, their health pre-Covid-19 and the clinical features have a role in their illness and in their long-term recovery. We will compare with people who get Covid-19 without it affecting their nervous system or mind. We will also look at people admitted to hospital without Covid-19. We will look at the long-term effects on memory, mood and other brain functions. We may see features that link to more severe illness and poorer outcomes. If so this could help target those most at-risk of a poor outcome.

Patient benefit:

Identifying features linked to poor outcomes in Covid-19 patients with neuropsychiatric features and how these outcomes can change over time. This may lead to targeting patients with adverse features and aiming to correct reversible causes of poor outcomes