UK LLC COVID-19: Risk factors and prediction models for long COVID: analysis of longitudinal cohort studies with linked NHS data

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Yinghui Wei

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Data only

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University of Plymouth

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Infection, Public Health and Prevention, COVID


[The NIHR BioResource contributes to a major national study of the long-term impacts of COVID-19, through the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration.]

Patients with long COVID have symptoms over a long time. Some patients do not receive a diagnosis by their doctors, and do not receive support for recovery from long COVID. With the requested data, we will compare two sources of information on long COVID, reported by patients and by their doctors. We will identify who are more likely to miss a diagnosis by doctors. The data on patients are needed to find who are at higher risk of having long COVID. The benefit to patients include the improved diagnosis of long COVID. More patients will receive a diagnosis by doctors. They will have a better chance to have healthcare support for recovery.