DICE IMPACT Questionnaire: Determinants, Incidence, and consequences of Corticosteroid Excess in IBD (IBD DICE IMPACT)

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Tim Raine

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Data only

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University of Cambridge

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Corticosteroids are a type of drug commonly used to treat patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Although the treatment is effective, it can cause lots of side effects. Although we know a lot about the more serious side effects, more “minor" side effects might not be considered by doctors but still be of real importance to patients. Previous studies have demonstrated that these side effects do happen to patients treated with corticosteroids for other diseases, but we don’t know very much at all about what happens to patients with IBD when they are given the sorts of doses of these drugs used to treat IBD. In this study, we will use data in the IBD BioResource that comes from patients who have answered questions about their own experience of taking corticosteroids. This will help us identify how many patients are getting steroids, and also what their experience of side effects is like. We will focus on side effects that patients might not always tell their doctors, such as changes in mood, problems with sleeping, weight gain, skin changes, indigestion, inability to concentrate and negative impacts on home and daily life. We will try to identify any particular groups of patients who do worse with these drugs than others.