Determining ethnic differences in IBD phenotype and response to treatment; determining differences in disease course and management of IBD in the elderly

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Dr Sharmili Balarajah

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Data only

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Imperial College London

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There has been a rise in the number of cases of IBD across the UK with a projected increase of 11% in cases by 2025 (from 2017).1 Asians make up almost 10% of the total population in England and Wales2 and there is evidence to show that there has been an increase in patients diagnosed with IBD within this ethnic group.3 We also know that, with our ageing population, there is a rising number of patients aged over 60 years, currently estimated at 25-35% of the total IBD population.4 There has been limited research in these two cohorts. This highlights the need to study IBD in these two groups. The purpose of this study is two-fold:
1. To determine whether there are any differences in phenotype and response to treatment in IBD patients of different ethnic backgrounds and
2. To determine whether there are any differences in disease course and treatment efficacy in elderly patients that may influence the management of IBD in this particular cohort.