Investigation of Omics in Chronic Widespread Pain

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Lead researcher
Frances Williams

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Data only

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King's College London

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Speciality area
Genomics and Rare Diseases, Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management


Pain throughout the body is a common condition that more women experience than men. There is currently no cure. We know from research on twins that genetics play a key role in this condition, but we currently do not know why or how it develops. We recently studied the DNA of lots of people in the UK. We found three sections of DNA that could be linked to pain throughout the body. We want to check these results by studying the DNA of other groups of people, including from Norway, the Netherlands and Germany. If our results turn out to be
correct, this will help us work out which genes are involved in whole-body pain. This will help us understand how the condition develops and could help us make better treatments.