Genetic Regulation of platelet GPVI Dimer Levels in Healthy Individuals

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Dr Kate Downes

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Data only

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University of Cambridge

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Speciality area
Haematology, Genomics and Rare Diseases


The platelet collagen receptor, glycoprotein VI (GPVI), plays a critical role in platelet activation and clot formation leading to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases including stroke.  Recent understanding of the active structure of the GPVI receptor and experimental studies suggest that this receptor is a potential new drug target to prevent adverse clotting.

Previous studies have shown that the amount of the GPVI receptor on the surface of a platelet is variable in the human population and is under genetic control.  Much less is known about the amount of the active form of the GPVI receptor on our platelets.  In this study we will measure the active form of the GPVI receptor in hundreds of healthy donors and stroke patients.  Using these results we can better understand the role of the active GPVI receptor in stroke and we can identify genetic variation that could alter an individuals response to a potential drug targeting the active GPVI receptor.