BRIDGE genomic analysis of neuropathic pain disorders

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Dr Georgios Baskozos

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Data only

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University of Oxford

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Genomics and Rare Diseases


Neuropathic pain affects 6-8% of the population and current treatments are inadequate. There is a need to develop novel analgesics and better target existing therapies. This requires improved understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms in patients.

Sensory neuron hyper-excitability has a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of neuropathic pain and is largely determined by the complement of ion channels which these neurons express.

Human genomics is revealing, an increasing number of sequence variants particularly in ion channels, associated with both rare Mendelian pain disorders and more common painful neuropathies.

Our aim is to identify gene variants associated with altered pain sensibility in human. We will then investigate the pathophysiological mechanisms by which such variants lead to altered clinical pain states.