Pilot study looking at the immune system in schizophrenia and comparing the healing processes in patients and healthy volunteers

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Lead researcher
Dr Emilio Fernandez-Egea

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Participant re-contact

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University of Cambridge

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Neurological Disorders

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Earlier studies say that healing processes (like inflammation or immunity) are different in schizophrenia. We aim to study these processes in people suffering with psychosis and in the general population. We will be using novel technology to analyse cells and blood components.

This is a pilot study, which means that the data and results we will get are preliminary and will help us to develop better ideas of how to study this topic in the future.


Participation: For this study we recruited 15 volunteers from the Cambridge BioResource to attend a single appointment to give a 110 ml blood sample.

Organisation: This study is organised by Dr Emilio Fernandez-Egea from the University of Cambridge.