Comparing the study drug GSK1521498 against a licensed drug (naltrexone), and a placebo, in reactions to food and alcohol cues

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Lead researcher
Professor Pradeep Nathan

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Participant re-contact

Institution or company
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

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Speciality area
Mental Health

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The GSK study drug, GSK1521498, blocks the effects of messenger molecules in the brain called opioids, which are chemicals in the body that are involved in how the body responds to rewards, including diet and alcoholic beverages. GSK1521498 may therefore have use for some forms of addiction.

This clinical research study is designed to compare the effects of GSK1521498 with another drug (naltrexone), which is licensed as a treatment for some forms of addiction, and against a dummy drug (placebo). There is evidence that variation in a specific gene can influence the response to this type of drug, and this will be investigated in this study.


Participation: For this study we recruited 13 volunteers from the Cambridge BioResource to join a clincal trial for the drug GSK1521498.

Organisation: This study is organised by Professor Pradeep Nathan at GlaxoSmithKline