A Multi-centre Genome Wide Association Study of ANCA- associated Vasculitis (ANCA-GWAS)

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Dr Paul Lyons

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University of Cambridge

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Vasculitis is an autoimmune disease which involves inflammation of the blood vessels. Many patients with vasculitis will have very different types of disease but the basic problem is still the same – inflammation of the blood vessels. We plan to look for differences in the patterns of genes between approximately 2,500 patients with vasculitis and a similar number of healthy individuals. By doing this we hope to identify genes which make the development of vasculitis more likely. This then may help us to develop new treatments for vasculitis.

Participation: For this study we provided DNA samples from 109 ANCA‐associated vasculitis patients and 500 healthy controls from the Cambridge BioResource.

Organisation: This study is organised by Dr Paul Lyons from the University of Cambridge.