The role of cell surface proteins on immune cells called Natural Killer Cells

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Dr David Adams

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Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

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The aim of the study is to determine the role of cell surface proteins on a type of immune cell called a Natural Killer (NK) cell. The study aims to investigate how these cell surface proteins on the NK cells interact with proteins expressed on other cells, in particular, cancer cells.

NK cells can kill cancer cells but we believe that cancer cells evade NK cells by expressing different proteins on their surface or reducing expression (production) of certain proteins. By functionally characterizing these protein interactions we will identify new candidates which could be helpful, in the future, in the design of cancer therapies. 

Participation: For this study we recruited 76 participants from the Cambridge BioResource to give a 50ml blood sample. 

Organisation: This study is organised by Dr David Adams from the Wellcome Sanger Institute.