Genome-wide Association Study of Lacunar Stroke

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Professor Hugh Markus

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Samples and data

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Addenbrooke's Hospital

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This study will access samples from stroke patients within the Cambridge BioResource. Samples will be from patients who have MRI confirmed lacunar stroke (small vessel disease) subtype. This is approximately 20 patients.  

We will add these samples to samples from a previous research project (GENESIS) and to samples from other centres in the UK; approximately 300 in all. 

This data will be added to an existing dataset of approximately 1400 cases of MRI confirmed lacunar stroke which have already been genotyped. It will also be added to approximately 600 cases of MRI confirmed lacunar stroke GWAS (Genome Wide Association Study) data from the NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke) funded SIGN study which we are collaborators in.  

Using the collective data we will look for novel genes that are associated with MRI confirmed lacunar stroke.  

This is an ongoing programme and in collaboration with centres worldwide we will continue to expand our sample size of MRI confirmed lacunar stroke; we are aiming for a total sample size of 4500 by end of 2017. 

Participation: For this study we provided samples from 20 volunteers from the Cambridge BioResource.

Organisation: This study is organised by Professor Hugh Stephan Markus from the University of Cambridge.