What is health research?

Through this free NIHR course, you can explore the world of health research and discover opportunities to get involved.


Health worker with participant overlaid with graphic of cell

Have you wondered what’s involved in research and why people get involved in health research?

In this free, three-week course you can learn how doctors and nurses know what treatment or care to give. Through health research, healthcare professionals find new and better ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating disease.

In only three hours per week, you’ll learn how health research happens, why it matters and what to expect if you take part. You will also hear stories from people who have taken part in research, why they volunteered and the difference it made.

The course, developed by NIHR and the University of Leeds, will help you to look at making informed decisions on taking part and the questions to ask before taking part.

Are you interested in this course?

You can learn more about our work on our Participants pages

And there's more information on how and why to get involved at the NIHR website.