Nathalie features on The Genetics Podcast

Host and Sano Genetics CEO Patrick Short and NIHR BioResource Director Nathalie Kingston discuss participant engagement in genomics research, her most exciting moments as Director to date, and how the BioResource is using Sano Genetics technology to accelerate and support its research programmes.


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We would like to thank Sano Genetics CEO Patrick Short for the invitation to feature on his podcast. As you'll hear in the episode, the conversation covers lots of important topics, including why the BioResource was set up, the challenges recruiting and retaining volunteers in population-scale cohorts like ours, the role of the BioResource in tackling rare diseases, and the process of working with industry researchers.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Sano Genetics to develop our Participant Portal; a tool for BioResource volunteers to track their contribution to health research via the data and samples they provide us. As the portal develops, it will allow us to provide updates as research progresses so volunteers can follow the full life cycle of a study from bench to bedside. 

If you've enjoyed the podcast, please do work through the archive of previous episodes.