Spam emails appearing to come from the NIHR BioResource

We take cyber security incredibly seriously, and take part in the NHS's annual self-assessment on our state-of-play.  It is ironic then, that - with the due date for the assessment being 30th June 2022 - a major incident of spam emails was reported to us on the 29th June

Would you click on a link if you thought it came from us?

The email claimed to come from us, with dodgy links to the usual "unmissable" deals.

We investigated, and are confident that this was just someone pretending to be us, and did not involve a breach of our systems: none of these emails went to anyone who participates in the BioResource, and the fake email address is now blocked worldwide.

However, our emails to participants do often contain links - and while they are usually text-only - we hope to make them much more distinctive and visually appealing soon, and would urge people to read the Government's advice on how to spot a scam email, text, message or call.

No-one is completely safe online.  If you are concerned that an email or text from us may not be genuine, please get in contact with us using the details at the bottom of this page.