NIHR BioResource Scientific Conference 2023

In just over a month, we will be hosting our first Scientific Conference, giving the research community a chance to hear from existing BioResource research partners on the breadth of exciting research made possible using our infrastructure. 

NIHR BioResource Scientific Conference 2023

The first NIHR BioResource Scientific Conference takes place online on Wednesday the 28th of June 2023, from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

This online event is free to attend and open to anyone but aimed primarily at academic, industry and NHS researchers, based in the UK or overseas.

Cutting-edge translational research

During the conference, five research partners will showcase a variety of cutting-edge academic and industry-led translational research across a range of disease areas, including the role our infrastructure plays in accessing data, samples and participant recall by genotype and/or phenotype.

Along with the speakers below, our co-Chair Prof. Patrick Chinnery will provide an introduction to the BioResource and closing remarks from our Director, Dr. Nathalie Kingston.

NIHR BioResource Scientific Conference 2023

Join us on 28th June to discover examples of exciting research made possible using BioResource infrastructure.

You can find out more about Using our BioResource, or check out what long-term partner Dr Dirk Paul - University of Cambridge and Astra Zeneca researcher - said about the role of the BioResource in facilitating his work:

"The BioResource has been excellent in providing a general framework of recall by genotype study: full end to end partnership from providing support to help refine the research protocol to study design, advice on what can and can’t be done, and then the recall itself.

"Without the BioResource, there is no capacity to do this type of research at all. We would have to do work in mice or in cells or other model systems, thereby trying to mimic the biological condition in humans. Understanding how the information actually translates into humans is what the BioResource makes possible.

"Overall, the BioResource is a fantastic example of a resource that enables translational research and I’d encourage others to enquire about research support."

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