EDGI, largest ever study of eating disorders, launches in England

A study funded by the National Institute for Health Research aims to unlock the secrets of eating disorders. EDGI, the Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative, is seeking more than 10,000 participants. 

Logo for Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative (EDGI)

A National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded study launched on 26 February 2020. This is a pioneering new study that aims to unlock the secrets of eating disorders. It aims to recruit at least 10,000 people in England who have experienced an eating disorder at some point in their life.

Partnering with the NIHR BioResource for Translational Research and the eating disorder charity Beat, the Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative (EDGI) will help researchers better understand these conditions and enable the design of new treatments aimed at improving the lives of patients.

EDGI will facilitate the discovery of new genetic and environmental risk factors. By creating a resource of potential study participants, who agree to be recontacted for further research, it will speed up the pace of research into the most under-researched set of psychiatric disorders.

See EDGI website here

First published 26 February 2020