Working with schools

We work with a network of schools across England to raise awareness for the DNA, Children + Young People’s Health Resource (D-CYPHR) amongst students and parents, and highlight the benefits of young people taking part in research.

Our schools work is delivered in partnership with Anna Freud, a world-leading mental health charity focused on support for children, young people and families, and with United Learning.

If you think your school can help find participant families for research for ages 0 -15 email:

What are schools and young people saying?

"The students and staff were so impressed. It was great to see the students engaging and so inspired."

KS3/KS4 School Health & Wellbeing Manager, Sussex

"Thank you again for the marvellous session you ran for our Junior STEM Club!"

KS3 Teacher, Cambridgeshire

"I love science and if I can contribute to helping people through my passion, then that makes me very happy."

Young Ambassador, Evie

Our schools story

The D-CYPHR health research programme is made with and for children and young people. We have been working with schools from the very beginning of the project. They helped us build the programme during our two year pilot phase.

We worked with six schools across England, hearing from students, staff and families. We learned so much and we couldn't have made this national programme without working directly with families and educators.

D-CYPHR is a world first and schools made it possible.

Today we are working across the country through United Learning, but any school can get in touch with our team.

Contact the schools team at: 

Xand van Tulleken visits CAST

The Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology is one of the schools in the United Learning group working closely with our programme. We ran a special assembly for students on health research kindly led by Dr Xand van Tulleken.

Xand Van Tulleken visits CAST

Get involved

We want to inspire young people to get thinking about and joining in with health research. This is more important than ever, with new healthcare discoveries emerging all the time.

What about ground-breaking health science inspires your students? Are they interested in STEM careers? Do they have a passion for health equity for their community?

Our schools ask:

  1. Work with your community

    Help us find participant families for childhood health research. Every family who gets involved is helping create a better future for childhood and life-long health.

  2. Be a health diversity champion

    To date, more than 80% of people in genome-wide association studies (GWAS)​ are of European descent. This is having an enormous effect on the quality of research and healthcare for many communities. School champions raise awareness for the need for diversity in research and help get families involved.

  3. Inspire STEM ambitions

    Many of the young people involved in D-CYPHR are budding scientists, nurses and doctors – alongside health equity we ask schools to inspire STEM ambition. Talking about health science in the classroom can have a big impact. We have also run classes on genetics and health research for schools working closely with us.

  4. Give us feedback

    Give us feedback via a questionnaire or phone call on how your school benefitted from being involved. As a public funded organisation this is an essential part of our practice and helps us improve our schools work.

UN Rights of the Child workshop - Regis School

The amazing Participation Team at Anna Freud led a workshop with students at the Regis School on the UN Rights of the Child.

"Article 12: Every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes in all matters affecting them."

"Article 24: Every child has the right to the best possible health."

The Participation Team at Anna Freud leading a workshop with students at the Regis School

Thousands have joined D-CYPHR so far. Could your school be part of these stats?


PRIMARY - 55% of children who have joined are primary school age


SECONDARY - 31% of children who have joined are secondary school age


56% of young people who have joined have no health condition


Every child who has joined is helping real health research in the UK


Find out how to join D-CYPHR as a 0 -15 participant family via the link below. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. #DCYPHR

Join our UK health and genetics research movement for children and young people.