Joining the NIHR BioResource

Joining NIHR BioResource is very straightforward and is open to anyone with or without health problems. If you want to arrange an appointment or would like any further information about BioResource, please call us on 0800 090 22 33 or submit a request via email on the submit request for information

There are 13 centres around the UK, five in London, and one each in Birmingham, Cambridge, Exeter, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle and Southampton. Each centre is currently developing resource to recruit new volunteers and patients. To find out where your nearest BioResource Centre is, click here.

Anyone that lives, works or studies near one of our BioResource centres can join. You can also join if you live/work in areas around the country that don’t currently have a local BioResource, as we are setting up collaborations with Clinical Research Facilities scattered in several places around the country in which you can go and participate in our research studies.

You do not need to receive an invitation to join and we welcome all new members.  Recruitment is ongoing and volunteers can join at anytime.

How will I be selected for further studies?

When you join the NIHR BioResource we ask you to complete a short health and lifestyle questionnaire; we ask these questions so that we are better able to determine your suitability for studies. We also ask for permission to access your medical notes and other health related records, so you may be selected on the basis of information form those records.

Researchers working with the NIHR BioResource are trying to better understand how our genes influence our risk of disease. They do this by studying volunteers with different genetic variations, this is called genotype, and you may be selected on this basis. 

Each research study has its own set of selection criteria for volunteer recruitment, including both genetic and phenotypic elements. Phenotypic criteria include information such as your weight and haemaglobin level. Studies may also be interested in factors such as your medical conditions, lifestyle or medications you are taking. This information is used along with your DNA sample to help match you to research studies.

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Find out more

If you would like to find out further information about the NIHR BioResource, please click the link below, to find the person to direct your enquiries to.