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Case Studies

2x3bWhen you join National Institute for Health Research BioResource we may ask you to complete a short health and lifestyle questionnaire. We ask these questions so that we are better able to determine your suitability for studies.

Researchers working with BioResource are trying to better understand how our genes influence our risk of disease. They do this by studying volunteers with different genetic variations.

Each research study has its own set of selection criteria for volunteer recruitment, including both genetic and phenotypic elements. Phenotypic criteria include information such as your gender and ethnicity. Studies may also be interested in factors such as your medical conditions, lifestyle or medications you are taking. This information is used along with your DNA sample to help match you to research studies.

If you have any questions about an invitation you have received or the selection process, please contact us. Call or email if you are unsure about your participation at any stage of the process, we are here to help and answer your queries.