Industry BioResource Usage Costs

Research Industry Organisations: current cost guidelines

Private and commercial organisations will be subject to an initial setup study fee for the primary local BioResource, an enrolment fee (for each additional local centre used), sample fees (for existing samples, for new saliva, blood and/or other sample collections), a screen failure fee, and costs associated with courier and volunteer expenses, where required. 

The following are typical costs for a study.  Individual study costs will be set according to the study protocol.

Item 2021
Initial set-up fee (primary local BioResource)  £11,000
Enrolment fee (for each subsequent local BioResource) £3,300
 Saliva sample £260
Blood sample (per visit) £390
Enrolled volunteer (per visit for anything other than a blood sample) From £390
Up to 250ul of existing plasma/serum aliquot £55
Screen failure fee £390
Costs associated with sample shipping and volunteer expenses (including all travel & parking costs) As applicable
Data (per data set) Minimum £25


SMEs who can provide evidence of status will be offered reduced rates.

NIHR BioResource reserves the right to change costs at any time without notice.