Academic and clinical researchers

A better route to discovery 

The unique NIHR BioResource has been developed by researchers, for researchers.

Refine by phenotype, refine by genotype, refine your search.

Single consent, single database, single repository.

What we do

The aim of the NIHR BioResource is to further clinical research within the UK. We help research organisations with volunteer recruitment, specifically by genotype and/or phenotype.

We offer researchers the chance to select participants for studies based on their genetic make-up or on other characteristics, such as markers in their blood cells.

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Unique participants

Our unique panel of participants has enabled researchers from around the world to make significant discoveries using samples and data.

You can select participants based on defined characteristics, refining your analysis and increasing the chances of success. 

There may be some costs involved.

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Our work with you

The NIHR BioResource should be acknowledged in all publications resulting from any study that we have supported

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We can help prepare samples for your downstream analyses, small bespoke studies or high-throughput assays. 

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If you want to use only the BioResource's data, we usually process simpler requests within three weeks of submission. 

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We are dedicated to presenting our latest findings in thought-leading scientific publications.

Clinicians and clinical research

The BioResource already includes a number of patient panels or cohorts, such as patients with IBD, heart conditions and autoimmunity. We would like to collaborate with clinicians who want to enrol patient groups.

If you run a clinic for a common or rare disease condition already on the BioResource panel, and are interested in recruiting patients to the NIHR BioResource, please get in touch. We make enrolling your patients as simple as possible.

Our unique approach

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Understanding clinical needs

Our approach is as flexible as possible: we have worked within clinics, working around patients' existing appointments, we have also recruited volunteers at home or in their workplaces.

A typical enrolment appointment takes around 15 minutes and every effort is made to fit around you and your patients' schedules.

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