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Submit Requests

Applications to use National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) BioResource are open to any researcher within the NHS, academic or private sectors conducting biomedical research within the UK. The process is straightforward and applications are reviewed by the BioResource Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

If you are interested in applying please contact your local BioResource centre for an application form. Contact details for each BioResource centre can be found here.

Your application must include details of the number of volunteers the study requires and statistical support for this figure. Applications requiring blood samples greater than 50 ml must also include a statement of justification for the volume requested.

The researcher will need to supply the following –

  • Proof of full ethical and NHS R&D approval (where applicable)
  • Participant information leaflet
  • Volunteer consent form
  • Any other relevant patient paperwork such as questionnaires

Each BioResource centre will have it’s own Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Your application will be reviewed by the SAB board of the centre you applied to. All applications to NIHR BioResource must be reviewed and approved by NIHR BioResource Scientific Advisory Boards, which meet quarterly. New applications must be received at least 15 working days prior to the SAB meeting if they are to be considered.

Please send your completed form to the local BioResource centre you wish to submit your request to.