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Current List of National BioResource Stage 2 (Recall) Studies


Study Number Study   Type Short  Title Speciality       Area Lead Researcher Institution or       Company
NBR 01 Samples        / Data Affymetrix high density array NIHR BioResource Cross-cutting Prof. John Bradley University of Cambridge
NBR 03 Samples        / Data Metabalon – Mapping metabolites to their key biochemical pathways Cross-cutting Prof. John Bradley University of Cambridge
NBR 04 Samples        / Data Cholesterol efflux pathways in monocytes and the genetic risk of atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Prof. Martin Bennett University of Cambridge
NBR 05 Volunteer Recall Investigating changes in memory and attention associated with ageing Neurological disorders Prof. Anne Nobre University of Oxford
NBR 06 Volunteer Recall Inception – Individuals under investigation for possible IBD or newly diagnosed with IBD Gastroenterology Dr Miles Parkes University of Cambridge
NBR 07 Samples        / Data Validation of genome-wide and targeted genotyping arrays to enable the ascertainment of blood groups of man to a clinical standard Haematology Prof. Willem Ouwehand University of Cambridge
NBR 08 Volunteer Recall Defining the mechanisms and control of human regulatory T cell function in autoimmunity Gastroenterology Prof. Graham Lord King’s College London
NBR 09 Volunteer Recall Determining an important functional role for integrins in regulating immune responses in IBD Gastroenterology Prof. Mark Travis University of Manchester
NBR 10 Volunteer Recall ApoE and gender: Investigation of short-term memory using the Oxford Memory Task app Neurological disorders Prof. Masud Husain University of Oxford
NBR 11 Samples        / Data Progressing from genetics to function and clinical translation in Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis Gastroenterology Dr Miles Parkes University of Cambridge
NBR 12 Volunteer Recall GEM – Genetic, environmental, microbial project Gastroenterology Dr Miles Parkes University of Cambridge
NBR 13 Samples        / Data Genome-wide association studies of circulating blood metabolites Haematology Prof. Tim Spector University of Cambridge
NBR 14 Samples        / Data Discovery of metabolite biomarkers in rare diseases Rare diseases Dr Leonardo Bottolo University of Cambridge
NBR 16 Volunteer Recall The PREdiCCt  (The PRognostic effect of Environmental factors in Crohn’s and Colitis) Study Gastroenterology Dr Charlie Lees University of Edinburgh
NBR 17 Samples         / Data Impute – 50K imputation at Sanger Cross-cutting Dr Jyoti Khadake University of Cambridge
NBR 18 Volunteer Recall Genetics and metagenome studies in orofacial granulomatosis Gastroenterology Dr Natalie Prescott King’s College London
NBR 20 Samples / Data PANTS – Genetics of immunogenicity to anti-TNF drugs Gastroenterology Dr Tariq Ahmed University of Exeter
NBR 21 Volunteer Recall Mechanism linking NOD2 with MHC class I antigen presentation Gastroenterology Prof. Alison Simmons University of Oxford
NBR 22 Samples / Data CMV infection in inflammatory bowel disease Gastroenterology Prof. Holm Uhlig

University of Oxford


NBR 23 Volunteer Recall The genetic correlates of cognitive flexibility and their links to ideological thinking Neurological disorders Prof. Trevor Robbins University of Cambridge
NBR 24 Volunteer Recall Investigation of genetic susceptibility markers to arthritic conditions and how they contribute to disease Arthritis Dr Annie Yarwood University of Manchester
NBR 25 Volunteer Recall Generation of pluripotent stem cell lines to test novel compounds for the treatment of disease Ophthalmology Dr David Bunton REPROCELL Europe Ltd.
NBR 26 Volunteer Recall Cellular investigation of the role of the GMP reductase in haemoglobin metabolism and red blood cell development Cardiovascular Dr Dirk Paul University of Cambridge
NBR 28 Volunteer Recall Crohn’s Anal Fistula Quality of Life Scale Gastroenterology Dr Alisa Hart London NW Healthcare NHS Trust
NBR 29 Samples / Data Assessing whole genome sequencing as a diagnostic test for mitochondrial disease. Genetics Prof. Patrick Chinnery University of Cambridge
NBR 32 Samples / Data Genotype and Phenotype in Inherited Neurodegenerative Diseases Neurological disorders Prof. Patrick Chinnery University of Cambridge
NBR 33 Volunteer Recall NOVID – Role of DNA non-coding variants in von Willebrand disease Genetics Prof. Mike Laffan Imperial College London
NBR 34 Volunteer Recall IBD-Boost Survey: fatigue pain and urgency in IBD Gastroenterology Prof. Christine Norton King’s College London
NBR 35 Volunteer Recall Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Associated ATP13A3 Mutations Cardiovascular Prof. Nick Morrell University of Cambridge
NBR 36 Volunteer Recall VarClot – Effect of DNA non-coding variants in the MYH9 gene region in the regulation of blood clotting. Haematology Dr Mattia Frontini University of Cambridge
NBR 37 Volunteer Recall AdipO2 – Body fat distribution and diabetes risk: the role of adipose tissue oxygen metabolism Metabolism Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulos University of Birmingham
NBR 38 Samples / Data Understanding contributions of T cell determining factors in the pathogenesis of IBD Gastroenterology Prof. Adrian Hayday King’s College London
NBR 39 Volunteer Recall ROVIM – Role of blood group VEL in metabolism. Metabolism Dr Mattia Frontini University of Cambridge
NBR 40 Volunteer Recall IBD Risk Alleles – Effect of genetic variants associated with risk for inflammatory disease on immune cell phenotype and function. Gastroenterology Dr Carl Anderson Wellcome Sanger Institute
NBR 41 Volunteer Recall ROTEC – Inherited changes leading to altered levels of a blood protein, tissue factor pathway inhibitor and risk of cardiovascular disease Haematology Dr William Astle University of Cambridge


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